The Lob Squad

logoThe LOB Squad comes to play and never disappoints! The worldwide market has never seen anything like this! The Globetrotters have entertained the world with their scripted and funny antics on the basketball court. However, the LOB Squad offers another level of entertainment that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

The LOB Squad has quickly become recognized in Greater Asia as a leader in streetball basketball entertainment. The LOB Squad has partnered with the Professional Basketball Alumni Association (PBAA) which is an organization developed by former NBA Players. The PBAA retains a client base of over 100 former NBA Players. Both the LOB Squad and the PBAA share the same mission which is to provide charitable, financial and educational opportunities for its members and international neighbors by utilizing basketball as a bridge for cultural exchange.

The LOB Squad puts professionalism in the street basketball game. The team consists of playmakers and fan favorites. The LOB Squad is a street ball team consisting of players that play at a high energy level, display incredible athleticism with marketable nicknames to match such as Frequent Flyer, 8th Wonder, Circus, HiFly, Da Mole, I’ll be Right Back, Z-Boogie and Helicopter to name a few. Each player lives up to their nickname and their performance leaves audiences breathless.

This group of exceptional athletes performs fast pace games that contain a potency of passion and fire while showcasing fitness and strength. The LOB Squad captivates audiences in the United States, Asia, Europe and South America and has them yearning for more after a display of high flying dunks and superior ball handling skills. A LOB Squad game is an entertaining experience that provides fans with everlasting memories they will not forget. The LOB Squad Always Comes to Play!